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Courses and Events

5-Day Certified Training Courses 

NEW 5-Days Certified Training Course, 21-25 November 2022, London Heathrow

Since we ran the 1st certified 5-day course in Lennestadt in September 2016, these courses have proven to be very popular and very successful, fulfilling both the need for a standardised approach to the application of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt and the wish from participants from around the world to certify as a Practitioner of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt.

During the five-day course, a total of 15 training modules with over 500 presentation slides will present all the basic fundamentals of application and are then implemented practically on the devices. The course ends on the fifth day with a 45-minute exam. After passing the exam, each student receives their training certificate and the appointment: Certified Bioresonance Practitioner According to Paul Schmidt®.

Devices (Rayocomp PS 10, Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0) and accessories are provided for the duration of the course, as well as extensive course material. The course is open to all persons engaged in a healing profession. Prior knowledge is not mandatory.

For a detailed brochure of this course please read here and to book this course please send an email to Rayonex Biomedical UK. We look forward to welcoming you!

2-Day Post-Graduate Practice Course

2-Day Post-Graduate Practice Course

- Dates and Venue to be confirmed

This is a postgraduate training course on the practical application of all the 15 modules in Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, open to participants who have either successfully completed an Online Training Course, or as a refresher for practitioners who have successfully completed a 5-day certified training course in the past.

For more information and to book this course, please send an email to Rayonex Biomedical UK with your billing address and your delivery address (if different) and they will send you a quote with the payment information.

International Online Training Courses

NEW International Online Training Courses in 2022

Building on the success of our international online training courses last year, we are happy to announce four new courses in 2022:

  • 11-25 March 2022
  • 10-24 June 2020
  • 9-23 September 2022
  • 2-16 December 2022

On a flexible learning platform, the 15 modules of the course can be viewed in your own time 24/7 for a period of 14 days, followed by an exam at the end of the course.

Throughout the two weeks, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm UK time, there will also be a total of 6 live Q&A sessions of 2 hours each via the zoom platform, where one of the international trainers will answer your questions concerning the content of the 15 modules.

For more details and to view the curriculum of all the 15 modules being taught during the course, please follow this link to a leaflet, showing all the details of the course.

Building Biology Foundation Courses

- Dates and venue to be confirmed 

The course on offer is an introduction to the subject of Building Biology that will satisfy both, people who would like to learn basic skills of measuring electro-smog and geological disturbance zones in their homes, in their workplace or for their clients, and people who would like to lay the foundation for a full certification as professional Building Biologists alike.

Practitioner Support Group Meetings

This is an informal forum where practitioners can share their experiences, their success stories and challenges with the Rayonex system with each other, to ask and answer any questions, and to review any of the applications of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt on the devices.

From our side, we will offer input and make presentations on a variety of subjects, including how to establish a successful practice, insurance for practitioners, code of ethics for practitioners, how to interpret and share test results with your clients, etc.

For detailed information and to book this event please follow this link to the Rayonex Biomedical UK web site.