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Rayonex Biomedical UK Newsletters

Latest Comprehensive March Newsletter on coronavirus:

- Safety advice for Rayonex Practitioners

- Shipping Delays and Supply Challenges

- Guidance on Coronavirus from Rayonex Germany

- Using a Duplex IV or Duplex IV Professional for energetic support

- 10% Discount on Rayocomp devices and Duplex devices until 30 April

- New Discounted PS10 Rental Package

- Link to an interview with Dr. Klinghardt

Please click here to access the newsletter now.

Latest April Newsflash

- Supply chain challenges may lead to delivery delays

- COVID-19 and Vital Substances

- One-to-one training sessions via Skype or Zoom

Please follow this link to access the Newsflash now

To read earlier versions of our newsletters and newsflashes, please follow this link to the Rayonex Biomedical UK website.